vCenter Tag Assignment Migrations with PowerCLI

So recently i have been working on a customer engagement to automate the migration of thier ESXi hosts between vCenters, with no downtime to the VMs running on the hosts. There are plenty of blog posts on the internet on how to do this and I won’t post my completed script (over 1500 lines of gross-ness) however one tricky problem I came across was how to migrate the vCenter tag assignments across with the VMs and other inventory objects. Continue reading “vCenter Tag Assignment Migrations with PowerCLI”

Isolating vSphere Replication NFC traffic – Part 1

For part 2 click here!
As many of you would already know, vSphere Replication 6.0 introduced the ability to isolate the replication traffic from all other traffic in your datacentre. For many security conscience organisations, this was a big deal…they can now ensure that replication traffic is not routed the wrong way.

This is fine for traffic between the source site and target, however what isn’t entirely clear is how to also isolate the NFC traffic between the vSphere Replication Server appliance and ESXi hosts. Continue reading “Isolating vSphere Replication NFC traffic – Part 1”

Hey, ho, let’s go.

So I have finally got around to creating a tech blog site, primarily focused on my findings working as a senior consultant at VMware. Here you’ll find what will hopefully be some useful info in the world of virtualization and cloud.

Oh, and I might even throw in some other stuff too, cause that could be fun.